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Clinic Update

As some of you may know, I have been away from the office for the past few months on account of “family medical considerations.”

For those of you who did not receive the email update that I sent out to my patients back in early September, I’m pleased to report that my absence is actually a good news story. My husband and I are expecting our first child early in the new year. Morning sickness is the reason I stepped away from my practice. It’s manageable when I rest and take care of myself, but working long hours beneath a mask and face shield was setting me off to an extent that I didn’t feel like I could do my job to the level that I felt it needed to be done, especially with Covid making everyone extra leery of the least little sign of sickness. Not too suprisingly, my needing to run out of a treatment room to go throw up wasn't very reassuring. Given the patient demographic that I work with (i.e. many couples and individuals struggling to conceive), I have been very hesitant to make any public announcements until the pregnancy is as far along as possible and/or there was a specific reason to share the news. I know how triggering it can be for couples and/or individuals trying to conceive and/or maintain a pregnancy to hear pregnancy announcements, so I have been trying to be extra sensitive with when and how I share the information. Between my ongoing morning sickness and the rising numbers of the Delta variant, by the five month mark, I made the decision not to return to work until after the baby is born. I didn’t wish to disrupt patient care by coming back only to leave again in a short period of time, especially when I have excellent colleagues who could step in to offer high level care in my absence. While I love working and helping to support my patients through all of their myriad health goals and challenges, I wanted to do my part to optimize continuity of care—even if it meant that I am off work for longer than I had originally planned. While it isn’t my intention to turn my website, social media, etc. into all things baby and new mom, I can only imagine that I will soon be posting more about the joys and challenges of motherhood since my posts are almost always influenced by what I—and those around me—are dealing with. I know how challenging it can be to hear about other women’s pregnancy and motherhood experiences when we want so desperately to experience the same things ourselves. As such, I wanted to give you some forewarning of the potential that more such posts are likely to appear on my platforms over the upcoming months. While I would hate to lose you, I will support you fully if you choose to Unfollow my account(s). Do whatever you need to do in order to best protect your own health and well-being. You are priority number one.

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. I will look forward to reconnecting in 2022 should anyone still desire and/or require my care. Warmly, ~Kristin :-)


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