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Healthy Cooking Made Easy

A few months ago, a friend of mine gifted my husband and I with an AirGO. I have had lots of fun in the kitchen playing with it ever since.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with AirGO, it was developed as an easy-to-use kitchen tool that combines 5 different cooking functions into one simple appliance for optimal culinary convenience. It can be used as an Air Fryer, Grill, Crepe/Naan Maker, Mini Oven, Robotic Stir Fryer, and Broil (top or bottom heating). While I have yet to unlock all of its secrets, I have been very impressed with it so far. Some of my favourite creations include Organic BBQ Chicken Wings, Caramelized Onions & Wilted Greens, and Stir Fried Zucchini.

But what has been my favourite thing about the AirGO? Hands down, it has been the magical Robotic Stir Fry function. And just why would I call this magical? Because I can throw in my veggies, set the timer, and let it do its thing. I don’t have to stir or monitor anything. I do my prep, turn to other tasks, et voila! Perfectly cooked veggies await.

Being a nutritionist and overall health advocate, it probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I am an avid vegetable consumer and promoter. I will admit that I often wrinkle my nose in puzzlement whenever people tell me that they find cooking vegetables to be too time consuming. I have chopped, steamed, baked and/or prepped veggies two to three times a day for so many years that I don’t even think about the time that goes into healthy food prep any more. Or so I thought.

This week, I finally caught a glimpse into other people’s cooking reality. I forgot to clean my AirGO cooking arm, so I wound up going back to the stove top to do my stir frying. My husband laughed amusedly when he heard me bemoan, “Oh, man. I have to stir?” I had been so spoiled by the AirGO's Robotic Stir Fry function that stirring my veggies suddenly seemed like so much work. Ah, perspective... I finally got it.

I maintain that there is great value in taking the time to eat lots of healthy veggies. It is absolutely incredible how much better we can feel from the simple act of incorporating more nutrient-dense vegetables into our diets. That said, thanks to my AirGO experience, I have a newfound appreciation for how our lives can be simplified by having the right kitchen gadgets.

Nothing is perfect for everyone, but I would definitely recommend checking out the AirGO if you are looking for ways to take some of the effort out of healthy eating. While I think anyone could benefit from this multi use appliance, I could see particular benefit for busy people who want to eat more healthfully, students who are living in residence and don’t have access to a full kitchen, and office folk who are looking for greater at work functionality than a microwave. Check it out and you be the judge.

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