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April 30, 2016

I wasn't sure what to expect when one of my friends arranged a dinner party at the newly opened Rawlicious raw vegan restaurant in downtown Ottawa. As a nutritionist, I really appreciate the immense health benefits of incorporating more raw, live foods into one's diet. As a foodie, however, I will admit that raw vegan fare rarely tantilizes my taste buds. Raw vegan food can absolutely be delicious, but I have found far more to be ho-hum than scintillating. Still, I went to dinner ready to be impressed. And it is a good thing I did because was I ever!

Ottawa resident Natalie Papineau deserves high praise for the incredible job she has done with this restaurant. From start to finish, my impression of Rawlicious Ottawa was exceptional. 

Rawlicious is located at 381 Cooper Street in what appears to be a refurnished brick and stone house. Walking up the stairs to the restaurant, I felt like I was going into a friend's home. As I opened the door to the restaurant, my feeling of joy and content...

November 12, 2015

Every gluten free eater--whether they are new to the gluten free way of life or have been following a gluten free diet for years--has experienced the challenges of this dietary restriction at one time or another. It can be hard enough to source appropriate products from our local grocery stores, let alone try to find something appropriate on a restaurant menu. For years, unless we specifically chose to patronize health-conscious restaurants, it was either next to impossible to order a meal guaranteed to be gluten free or the options offered were so bland and unappealing that eating out lost its appeal.

Fortunately, things have gotten easier and easier for gluten free diners with every passing year. As awareness of gluten sensitivity has spread, so too have the options available to those of us who need to avoid gluten. The only thing that I have been completely unable to find is decadent, French-style pastries... Until now!

While visiting Paris this past spring, I felt like I had died and...

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